Life Has Many Shades

It is said “Change is the law of nature“. It is so with human life which is never the same always. It is ever-changing and has a lot of variety. Life is like a journey with numerous stops and stages. Thus changing, it moves on from one stage to another, from one shade to another, from one scene to another and so on.

Let us look at the process of life from birth to death. A crying infant grow into a bubbling baby. Soon the toddler transforms into a walking-talking and running young lad. Childhood enters youth, goes on to middle age followed by decline and death. In this life long process one passes through different shades, experience and happenings. Pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, gain and loss, ups and down to keep on recurring.

Life keeps on changing and there is nothing everlasting. We must draw a useful conclusion from changing aspects of life. We should always keep in mind that change is the recurring feature of life. Every stage passes away and nothing is permanent. Such an attitude towards different happenings in life should produce a spirit of detachment. We should take all these changes in a calm manner and never lose heart and grumble in vain. We should always trust life and remember the following advice.

“Life is great for those who appreciate it, difficult for those who worry about it, and terrible for those who always complain and criticise.”

Sanjay Naik

Sanjay Naik

Just an ordinary fella searching for the purpose out there in the world.

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Sherell · April 4, 2018 at 7:50 am

This is a really great post. Change can be scary sometimes. Though knowing that all situations are not permanent can help alleviate anxieties because whilst it does mean that happy moments will eventually change… there is also the upside that bad moments will change too… And as you said… we should take all these changes in a calm manner and never lose heart:)

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