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Shivaratri Photography Competition

Kullu’s Vishavpreet Sofat Bagged the First prize in the “Best Photo of Shivaratri” Category

In the recently conducted Shivaratri Photography competition in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, Kullu’s Vishavpreet Sofat bagged the First prize in the “Best Photo of Shivaratri” category.

His photo struck a chord with each of the judge in the panel and explained the emotion quite beautifully.

Vishavpreet, who is not a pro in the field of photography, took home the award for the best photo. He has been capturing emotions for 3 years now. A photographer by hobby, Vishavpreet is someone who doesn’t scare from going a notch higher for that one shot.

In a small conversation, he expressed his happiness saying, “This is what I have been waiting for. Photography was never a career choice. It is a hobby, and it will always remain so. But things like these act as a booster and urge me to better myself. This is what an artist works for. Appreciation! And receiving this on my birthday makes it even more special. I hope to continue capturing emotions in the same way, getting better and better”.

It is his patience, zeal and passion that works wonders for him every time he walks out with a camera in his hand.

Running a successful page on Facebook, Vishav Creations, he has never shied away from pushing the bar higher with each passing day.

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