Life’s A Bitch

‘Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you’. – Johnny Depp

In all of my 22 years, I have been through at lot of shit. Having a narcissist and abusive mother, being bullied all the way through primary and secondary (by teachers and  pupils). To having a control freak for a boyfriend (now ex), leaving home at 16, attempting suicide more times than I can count, being homeless and being ignored by my best and only friends.

But there has been some good shit too. Meeting the love of my life and having our first child, moved to a new house, got a job and got into college. Reestablishing contact with my big and little sisters and getting my we boys speech improving.

One of the most inspirational people I look to is, Johnny Depp.

Even after all the shit I’ve been through i still suffer from depression, anxiety, social anxiety, ptsd, including flashbacks of what I’ve been through. It’s so good that i have someone like Johnny Depp to look to.

Looking forward and trying to stay positive and don’t forget to smile at the people who hate you. it pisses them off.

Black Rose


I'm Scottish and still live in Scotland. Things i Love:Heavy metal music,Kerrang! Radio, Art and all things Gothic and creepy. Inspirations: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

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