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Hello my dear readers and friends! I am so very grateful to you all for supporting me as an author and continuing with my novel. I hope you all keep doing the same and I will make sure that you love it!
So here, I add this post just to introduce you to the new phase of life of Palak and Varun….
Introducing in brief, their lives after 6 years:


Age- 24 years
Beautiful and a lady of class.
A strong, independent woman, outgoing, self-employed and successful in her profession. Looking forward to meet her aims and a happy life.
Known to be a woman with positivity and faith in her attitude.
Grudges of past and worries of future she holds in her heart. Wants to change her destiny and believes she can.


Age- 25 years
Handsome, smart and a leading businessman, holding position in top 10 businesses of the country and first position in Mumbai. Following his dreams he achieved success at a very tender age facing a lot of problems.
Perceived to be not so friendly, workaholic and a grim attitude.
Believes what he has is enough what he wanted. Thinks of his life, a mere survival. Not adapted to changes.

Profile photo of Riya Agarwal

Riya Agarwal

Hi this is Riya Agarwal. I am an author and I write stories whose chapters are published when completed. Thanks for giving your valuable time. Stay tuned.❤

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