The Truth is Not Debatable

In a world filled with manipulation, it is inevitable for us to lie. The truth is, any sane person would lie to protect themselves or to meet their desires. It is human nature that we will succumb to temptation. Some might say that it is one of human’s greatest warts. Though it may be inscrutable to understand why, we just hope to find truth out of all the deception.

In the modern world, where people learn about technology, lying becomes a solution to get more. People start to lie their way out of things. Lying gradually becomes a habit. A sales man would feed lies to get customers. Tech companies lie about things they cannot guarantee. Such examples are enough to tell us how much lies there are in the world. But, the worst thing that could ever happen is when people start getting rid of the TRUTH. Nobody could ever have thought of disputing about the truth. Despite all the manipulation, the truth cannot be pushed away just like that. When it comes to the truth, it is like the Sun shining upon everybody. It is unavoidable. Even it may be possible, it is just a short-term solution to a long-term problem that you will be facing. The only way to tackle it is to accept the truth nonetheless no matter how painful or embarrassing it can be.

If you can act without thinking or able to do wrong things, then you should be brave enough to own up to it. Many wrong doers usually are not able to accept the truth. For some cases, their stubbornness and self-righteous attitude got the better of them from seeing what is needed to be done. When you dispute with the truth, it is like going against God himself. You can also never go against the law of Karma. As a wise man once said, “What comes around, goes around” There is also a Chinese proverb which asserts that “Paper can’t contain fire.” The paper is how you bury that lie, while the fire means the truth. Hiding the truth causes injustice to people who deserve much more better. And those who cause the injustice makes sense of the devil. When are we going to embrace each other and start being completely honest? The problem of our society must be faced to avoid dire consequences.

Think of the truth as a simple Maths equation. One plus one equals to two. It is as simplistic as that. So, there is no point of going all through the trouble to beg the question. Sometimes, the truth may hurt a lot. However, when it is revealed, it may kill the person you are hiding it from. A small act of duplicity hurts the person you care most. Once you lose trust with people, it would be very difficult to earn it back. It is like a shattered glass. Piecing it back takes more time and energy that you ever used before to build that trust. Avoiding the truth is already a sin, but if you argue with the truth, what do you think it would mean?

Apart from that, there are a lot of situations where life tempts you to lie. Always remember, if you have to lie, you must prepare yourself with the consequences that may come one day. It becomes a possibility. And by doing so you are taking a risk, you are gambling with fate. Lying has its advantages and disadvantages, but the answer to that equation remains the same. To those who have once bury the truth, you still have the chance to reverse what is determined to happen in the future before it is too late. And to those who have faced the end of the equation, I just want to say that have faith in restoring the trust and be happy that at least you did not go against the truth.

Debating with the truth may be the bridge to your success, but like everything else in the world, it comes with a price to pay for. From today onwards, start by telling the truth and stay away from atrocities. Prove worth to the ones who treated you with disdain and antagonism. Once you are able to accomplish that, continue to do so and have vanity in what you are doing.

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Von Smith · April 3, 2018 at 3:37 am

Part of this conversation might be, “how many truths are there?” By that I mean, the same object or situation can be examined from many viewpoints, both objective and subjective; all those “truths” are true, but must include conflicting truths from all perspectives, especially where truth is a judgment.

Consider what might be true about snow. Not all snow is the same temperature, texture, density, or has the same kinetic energy, reflectivity; these are considered objective aspects. Outlooks on subjective truths of snow are even wider, depending if you are skiing or shoveling a driveway, or looking for avalanche danger. I am sure there are undiscovered truths, as science shows us every day.

Often times people will choose a truth that does them the least harm or the most good. I am not sure there is the whole truth and nothing but the truth among human beings.

You mostly discuss lying which is intentional misrepresentation of facts most people can agree on. We could draw a continuum from outright deception to absolute, all encompassing truth, and try to find ourselves somewhere in between.

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