MS Dhoni – The Man We All Want To Be

India is a cricket loving nation. We not only love cricket, but we live it. India has produced some of the best cricketers the world has ever seen. And MS Dhoni is one of them. He was by far the best captain, Indian cricket ever had. Supporting a calm and composed head on those rigid shoulders, he carried the burden of a billion people with finesse.

Right from the day he broke into the Indian Cricket Team, his unorthodox style of play was admired by many. His innings of 183 against Sri Lanka made him stand out. It was because of many such performances that he was then made the captain of the Indian team when it went for the 1st World Cup T20. The man led his team exceptionally well and went on to win the maiden World T20. It was a moment of pride for the entire nation. The young Indian brigade had won the tournament, beating the likes of England, Australia and arch rivals Pakistan.

Another exceptional performance of his as a captain, was in the World Cup 2011. He led the team to a historic win, thus fulfilling the dream of billions and most importantly, of the legend Sachin Tendulkar. It was because of his unbeaten 91 that India managed to bring home the cup, beating Sri Lanka in the finals. He was equally supported by Gambhir and Yuvraj.

Even in the pressure situations, he stayed cool as a cucumber, and got his team out of every difficulty and made history. In 2013, he went on to take his team through to the finals of Champions Trophy in England, and defeated the home team to win the Champions Trophy as well.

No other captain in the history of world cricket, has ever managed to win all the ICC trophies except the man himself, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The recommendation of Sachin Tendulkar to make Dhoni the captain of Indian team worked wonders. Dhoni not only made this team fearless, but brought home some famous victories that the entire nation will be proud of for a long time. His finishing sixes have always been something every single person has cherished and will continue to. No amount of words can ever describe the greatness of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


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