When we think, “Wow! I am good with everything that is happening right now”, there’s a possibility of us getting hit by the biggest truck in most cases. In my case, life never fails to keep me active. I always wonder, why don’t we like things as they are? Like feeling the need for a better couch after moving into a new house. Till yesterday the old couch was perfect. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious or wanting the best things for ourselves. But the yearning keeps us less satisfied all the time.

Lets break it down one by one.

Parents. I know that most of us do not have the perfect parents. There can be issues related to emotional, financial, sometimes religious relationships between us and our parents. But I think it is safe to say that our parents brought us up with the freedom which was not given to them. That is one of the most important reasons why always a parent bombards us with a story, that starts with “In my time, I had to walk 5 miles to school” or incidents like that. How do we feel about it? “I will happily walk to school instead of sitting next to a bully” or when our parents want to hug us in front of our friends we feel that they are embarrassing us. Also some of us feel parents are emotionally distant. Basically if 10 things are right, we concentrate on the one bad thing to complain about.

When it comes to school it’s the same thing. If the school excels in sports, the athletes complain about the lack of funds for their math program.

We always yearn for better facilities, accommodations, opportunities, abilities, skills, clothes toys and what not. Needless to say about the financial expectations.

Some can argue that the essential thing in today’s fast developing world. Yes I agree. But our desire does not end when the essential needs are fulfilled. For example, we want showers in multiple directions when one big shower can fulfill the need. Why does that happen?

I think, in today’s world, we feel the need to prove our existence. We feel invisible where there is nothing to fight for. We struggle a lot to show every one that we exist. We live in this planet and we have got a purpose. So the need for finding a reason to rebel everything can be related to the need for visibility in this world. We put it in that way, desire doesn’t seem that bad right?

I chose to write about this because, people who want things, concentrate on improving their home are branded as the greedy ones. If you are a millennial, I am damn sure you must have come across someone who felt you are greedy.  But we try to feel our existence in this world by such means. Do not feel ashamed to pursue what you desire. All the complaining will lead to a day where you will feel the enlightenment. When you feel that take your time to apologize to people whom you have hurt in this process. If you feel that you might have hurt your parents, call them now. They will forgive you without expecting anything. They may understand our desire or they might not. But we can choose to not be like them.

Have a happy living.

Kesavapriya Jeevanandam

I started sharing my writing only a few days ago. Give me your thoughts after reading ❤️

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