Chapter 18- Unexpected

“So, he said that someone’s touch has become good to you?” Trisha asked.

“Yes.” I spoke.

“And you didn’t continue further, explaining?”


“You are my great lady!” Trisha remarked banging the table, her eyes wide and rolling.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Crap. Crap you did. You should have talked and just not skip the conversation and run away!” Trisha almost shouted.

“Why? Doesn’t he trust me enough?”

“Come on.. there is probably some confusion otherwise you both won’t have separated. Clear and move on!”

“Hmmmmm..” I sighed a long one.
She was right, I clearly missed the chance.

“Ok. Thanks a lot. I will, tomorrow. And everything will be sorted.” I jumped in joy.

The idea of earning him back, made me madly happy, as if my senses were aroused after long, dopamine rushing my capillaries, tingling sensation in my nerves..

I put my mind to rest, my heart was unable to, it pulsated strongly. Tomorrow would be indeed my day!

It was our duty to help in certain tasks this day, in setting up the stage, checking the seating arrangements, arranging for food counters and more. There were volunteers assisting these jobs. Participants needed to practice in the morning hours and refresh themselves in noon.
Noon will work to be perfect for us to talk.
I headed to our room to practice. My eyes kept searching for him, however he was nowhere. Maybe a little late.

“Hey, should we start?” Bhavesh’s voice broke.

“Mm.. what?” I replied looking here and there finally turning to him.

“Palak, dance.. should we start?” He spoke softly.

“Oh yes, ya sure”
We danced and practiced.

It was 12 pm, our resting time just begun. I saw Varun walking his way towards the canteen. I wanted to follow him there, but I didn’t. He was with Ms. Kapoor. I opted not to.

Just then I saw, he was coming towards the room with her, laughing whole heartedly. She hit her head lightly in fun. Both were laughing like merry dolls. They seated themselves just behind me. I turned my face, to face them, to face him. Gathering my courage.

“Varun, I.. I want to talk to you… in private..” I stumbled my lips.

“Palak…” His lips uttering my name sent a tingling sensation into me.. until

“Kapoor” he completed.

“I will leave.” Saying she stood up.
Varun’s hand reached hers. I burnt.

“Stay.” He said to her.

“There’s nothing I have private with her. You can be here.”

My eyes started forming pools of tears.
I turned away, stood up to leave, far enough his eyes can reach..

It was time. The show had just begun. At the backstage, we were able to hear the noises of people chatting, their cheers and claps, and the anchor addressing the chief guest of today’s program.

Our performance was scheduled second last on the list. It may seem so, but time often feels less than what we have. All the girls were asked to move to the room, to dress up and make up for the show.

I zipped up a long flowing white gown, put on my floral crown, ready to dance off the town. Our performance was an angelic one, of pretty ladies with their handsome gentlemen, dancing, in celebration of the most memorable day of the town, when it was freed from the reign of the unkind, torturous, unruly king. Indeed the day deserved celebration. The performance was in continuation with the previous act, which was to display the time when the king capsized the town. The act was full of fear and terror, followed by courageous protest of the town.

I was almost ready. Just a quick cleansing on my face followed by a makeover was needed.
I looked at the clock. There was enough time. I thought to practice a little before the performance.

I went searching for Bhavesh in boy’s section hoping him to be ready and free to practice. It was dark. I walked slowly holding my gown with fingers, too long to carry. I wondered how would I dance having it on.

My toes touched something rigid and suddenly, I tripped or maybe I thought so that I tripped. Someone’s hands, familiar ones, caught hold of me. Familiar sensation brought back the memories of that day, that one beautiful day of my life, one most unforgettable moment, that day when in same darkness, same hands mysteriously held me. Oh I recognised immediately the touch, I bursted.


“Palak…. Fine….are..are you?” His voice shaking.

“I am.”

One tear drop fell from my eye, travelling down my face and finally dropped.


“I am always fine, finer with you, in your embrace.” I said feeling him after long.

“I am sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you…please don’t cry..” he said lifting me to my toes and wiping my tears. I wondered how in this prevailing darkness, he sensed my crying.
I closed my eyes for a moment letting the tears flow down. I wished his fingers remain there, wiping my tears, forever like this, and I keep crying for infinite measure of time, just to have him by my side..always.

He stepped closer. I opened my eyes. His arms approaching me, when suddenly, the area got lit. I could see him,his face, his eyes deep full of guilt and love at the same moment.

Maybe what turned out few hours later, was the beginning of the end, the end of my happiness, the end of those moments, the end of the probability of us being together, forever.

Few hours later………

I stood still, shocked, terrified, trying to calculate what happened with me.

Everything was falling into place, bit by bit and a wave of wind blew away every bit. Shattered my dreams,hopes altogether.

I was angry, devastated. My veins rushing adrenaline, heart pumping hastily. My fingers curled to form a fist, trying hard to resist my anger towards him.

As it is said, destiny has its own way of turning things different, deciding our lives, ruling our decisions in a most unwanted, unexpected manner.
Just the way ,it happened, it all happened, turning my life upside down.

“The one thing, I now decide, is the fact that I would be repaid for what happened to me, and this, is its responsibility, my destiny, my destiny has to decide how it repays me what I have lost. But , I rule this decision which destiny has to follow and has to result into.”

What occurred to me, to us, was totally unaccepted and unexpected.

But… Destiny.. oh it was already our fate! A fate which will definitely change.!

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