Best in The Worst

On Sunday afternoon grandmother sent her down to the drawing-room to have a “talk with father and mother”. The little girl always found her mother reading and father stretched out on a sofa, his handkerchief on his face, his feet on the right of the two cushions, snoring, but this time she discovered a totally new view. Her father instead of snoring was sitting on the sofa (actually he looked serious this time just opposite to his behavior) and mom looked little tensed but was trying to hide that from her. She sat on a stool, gravely watched the two until her father angered out and looked at her saying,” don’t stare so, Abbey. You look like a little brown owl.

“Did you call for me?,” she asked. Mother nodded and asked in her thinnest voice,”Do you love me?” “Yes, I do, I do love you both”. Abbey answered. Mother got tensed and sent her in the room to sleep. After the little girl left, two of them were left disturbed and got to seek again for their decision.

Next morning, she was kept indoors with cold, the grandmother told her that father’s birthday was next weekend, and suggested she should make him a pin-cushion for a gift out of beautiful piece of blue silk. Laboriously with a double cotton, the little girl stitched three sides (which she actually learned from grand mother). But what to fill it with? That was the question. The grand mother was out in the garden, so she wandered into mother’s bedroom to look for ‘scraps’. On the bed table she discovered great many sheets of paper, gathered them up, tore them into tiny pieces and stuffed her case then stitched up the fourth side.

After a while, mom came looking for something in the room. She actually had no expressions on her face. Soon mother realized that she was unable to find the thing she was looking for which she remembered was kept on the bed table. She looked at Abbey and the cushion and hugged her.

Abbey was shocked at what was happening but said nothing.

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