Admiring the moon

Breath-taking, beyond the dawn,
around the hills, the sun melts
into an orange view.

As I wait for the moon’s kiss,
the sun bows closing the certain
to invite the pending night
to take center stage.

Oh,  how I wait,
remembering what awaits me,
when the shadows dance, and
lengthen; I know the time has come.

My friend, the moon winks
and swoons, as I admire his
white looming gloom.

The night smiles for me,
embracing the mood,
as the darkness kisses me.

Goodnight my handsome moon King,
may you sit in your darkened throne,
looming over your nightly
kingdom of stars;
as you are a breath-taking view.

I bow to you one last time.

Amanda Shelton

I am an autistic writer and artist. I have disabilities but I don't let that stop me. I love writing and art. I also run a forum, blog, and an online store.

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