Tomorrow I may not see you smiling at me,
Tucking hair behind your ears.
I may never feel your presence when the perfume fades away,
And the spark dies before setting a fire.

Tomorrow I may not see your jaw line graced by that beard,
Or look at you chewing pen when tensed
I may never look up wondering what’s so special in those eyes,
Or that mystical mind that takes my breath away.

Tomorrow I may not irritate you to death,
Making your cute little face grumpy.
I may never slide you a munch for an apology,
Laughing at your lame jokes, making you light up like a Christmas tree.

Tomorrow I may not check every notification for your text,
Or watch an action movie just to sit beside you
I may never get jealous of that girl flirting with you,
Or scold you if you drink too much and literally explode your head next morning.

Tomorrow may never happen, for today I can’t say out loud.
I fear what exists may burn leaving just the ashes behind.
Tomorrow would be a bliss, if my brain won’t stop me from
pushing the switch up to let the spark lighten up your heart.

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