Open letter to my loved ones : Self realisations

To my dear loved one,

This was long overdue……

I hope and think, that the best thing to happen, to a unwell person, is hitting their own personal version of rock bottom !

My own personal rock bottom example –

I was unwell for a while, perhaps since birth, ( birth defect in a nose bone, DNS ), felt something was off but couldn’t pin point it, hit my own rock bottom, STRUGGLING TO BREATH AND ANXIETY and now I hope I am in recovery !

Everyday of my recovery, I assure myself, I am doing better, sometimes I have to reassure and reassure and reassure, because I am just an anxious human, that’s what anxious humans do, this is a scientific fact !

Important self realisations for me and you :

I am only human, humans need love and care, humans need other humans and sometimes dogs and maybe cats, I am evolving, learning and learning, so you might be surprised, I am surprised too, does not mean I am hiding something from you, just let me be….
I am an unwell and hence a weak human, so I need extra care, a lot of extra care, because, you know why…. but don’t molly coddle and harass me, I get annoyed, let me ask for your help.
Now, that I am in recovery, I realise just how much I needed each and every one of you all…. and couldn’t even ask for help properly, instead removed my frustrations on you all, because of my big bad evil humanness, so points for you !!
Thank you my fellow humans; strong, lovely, kind, caring individuals who came to my rescue time and again, you all are my knights in shining armour in your own quirky and exasperating ways !!!!
My take away, what I can only hope and I hope with all my heart is that: This was one of the most challenging times of my life, never comes again and if it does, you all are still around to drag me through while I kick and scream.

PS: My dear loved ones, specifically to those whom this matters and are reading this and gloating, don’t ask for frivolous stuff like this again, you are human too, but my human, I will need you soon enough, again and again and again… hence your forgiven by me, a fellow human (smiling).

Priyanka Dalmia Acharya

I am an avid blogger, storyteller and in process of getting my own book published. Please do visit or my FB page by the same name for more details

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