Life is Like a Teeter-Totter

Sometimes life seems to go so smooth.
All the pieces of the puzzle fitting perfectly into the grooves.
Then, sometimes overnight those grooves come undone.
As if they went through a shredder and it brings about the wrath that comes.
Hitting you when you least expect.
Leaving you scared to find out what might come next.
Sending you into heightened state of anxiety.
You suddenly have to take a new look at what is now considered priority.
If you’re not careful, things could make a turn for the worse.
You’re left weak and vulnerable as if a dark cloud lingers overhead like a curse.
Just when you think you’re going to be alright
You’re sucked back under again¬†and forced to fight.
Barely holding on at times just trying to keep your head above water.
Life hanging in the balance like you’re on a teeter-totter.
Then out of nowhere again a ray of hope appears.
A sigh of relief at the slightest possibility that the end is near.
Those dark clouds lift and go away.
At last, things have turned around and life is once again okay.
The necessities in life for growth and perfection.
Bringing wisdom and a strength that we can now use for our protection.

Kim Colquitt

Kim Colquitt

A single mother of 5 creating poetry to soothe the soul during some of life's most enjoyable or chaotic moments. Each day is a new adventure. Your thoughts are what make you, YOU!

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