la lettre

Dearest William,

It was never my intention to tell you lies, but how could I have let you know just how badly your words had hurt me deep inside?

So I had to pretend my love was never real and allow you to doubt the way I once whispered to you of how I really did feel.

Though I still hold the beauty of you as a secret in my heart and sometimes step into our past moments along memory’s path.

I promise to never speak of the love we once knew or give voice to these feelings I still have for you.

And we can still have our midnight walks along open mountain trails and down in beautiful valleys where a river runs and into imagined paper boats our feelings could sail.

I pass the time now until we meet, walking through earthly shadows of our moments that my heart wishes to keep.

See you around the corner maybe in this lifetime or the one to come… I’ll wait at the gates of hereafter in the notes of the song our friendship had beautifully strummed.


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