Cry Not

A sweet embrace
An angel’s touch
A man spoke words
And all that dwelt in the world trembled

God no more speaks through man
Than man speaks through god

The warm kiss of the mother
Presses on the cold flesh of her child

The world gives no more compromise
Than the bullet that has left a gun

Man struggles in a cold world
Graves, they dug themselves

All that is deemed unholy
Will be purified to ash

Fear not but the works of God
For man is but a fleeting blemish

A child cries for it’s mother
As it’s life fades
But the warmth of the mother
Faded long ago

Fate cares not for the child’s tears
Fate cares not for the mother’s sacred duty
Fate is but a slave
Watching the madness it’s charges have unleashed

This world is no more evil
Than the knife in a soldier’s back
Man is no more evil
Than the perceptions of others

Cry not for the cold forsaken infant
Cry not for the grieving mother
Cry not for the man that carried his flag and his God to the land of those who wish him death
Cry not for the countless unfeeling atrocities conducted daily

Save your tears for you
For your loved ones
This world is filled with monsters
Flesh and blood like you
Yet you ignore them

Save your tears
Because no one will cry those tears for you.

~Dakota Toney

Dakota Toney

I mainly write poetry or commentaries about the human condition or philosophical ideas. Please visit and follow my blog for more writings at

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