Golden light
enchants the souls who wander.
Those who are not lost, but cannot
be found.
The fresh breath of a surrounding breeze, nudging through a soft gaze.
Into the eyes of a beating heart.
A sweet whisper slips through the wind. Only you
can see me.
How can two floating souls
find one solid hope?
I could never give you away.
Just one kiss drowns me
like a splash of melted ice.
Stumbling through the years we
balance on luck. Winding over this mountainous ocean.
The once sweet nectar of learning through innocence,
stains our lives with endless

Jena Pendarvis

Hello lovelies! I am a creative artist and my life is inspired by any outlet that allows me to express myself. You can find out more about me on my blog jena-pendarvis.com

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