I am SO grateful

As I look back on my life, it is clear that You were always there,
Even in my stubbornness, You still cared for me
And proved Yourself to BE
My Rock, my Refuge, my Defense, my Healer and my Provider,
You shined Your light so bright on me,
So much so that darkness had no choice but to flee.

Thank you for Your Light that surrounds me!
Even though I did not know,
You stayed by my side and did not go,
The prayers of my loved ones kept You near to me
Holding my hand You refused to just let me be
You loved me too much to let darkness swallow me
Thank you for Your love that enfolds me!

I was blinded by the temporary bliss
And almost missed my chance at eternal bliss
So thank you for Your forgiveness that sets me free!
Thank you for Your protection that keeps the enemy at bay
Giving me continuous strength to fight another day.

For a chance to meet you, I must do all I can do
So I read Your Word and try to live right to preserve my soul
Praying also for my brothers and sisters
Still lost out there in the world
Thank YOU Lord for never leaving us alone.

King of kings. Lord of lords. You ALONE are worthy of ALL the praise!
Thank you Almighty Father for ALL You DO seen and unseen!

Cherylene Nicholas

I am a writer giving hope for a better and brighter tomorrows through Jesus Christ.

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