Death Becomes Me

The man who satiates till death becomes a recourse, cravings, roams.

The food, through a straw now is administered, Dreams of dying, laying blistered.

He has to choose, black shiny patent leather soles, click clack o

She never knew the car was there, her friend was holding the same Chanel handbag

Hospital care, disinfectant, clean landings. Scented candles used to scent each room on Oxford Road,

Wembley, Hackney, Whitchurch, pounding pavement, serious, pride and devious.

Extremely unwell, commuters couldn’t tell, a game he played well, with precision.

Then he played a move with no thought, set every thing off course, he knew force.

She endured a morning, head so low, sinking, attribute, car crash smashed limbs

Sucking through a straw, blinking, eternal black, dark and heavy, extraordinary thinking.

Building with great glass doors, inviting, felt an excitement, a magic curse, no nurse.

Slipped along familiarity, no preplanning, insanity, like a trail of breadcrumbs, fatally.

Her heart rose quickly, through slits of blinds her eyes, were opened wide, calmness

By her side, time to realise her spirit cried, into the wilderness and underworld find.

Now manifestation of equipment detrimental to the passing plane soon shows, slow beat.

To him this is meat, totally absently, freak, laughs to himself, tee hee hee, blade free.

Quietly worked the bandage used to gag this, job has to be taken care of, I am the worker.

Sent by my master, disaster for the families and staff, that have to process the facts.

Laying back sun on blast, grateful to the universe, sent a star, here I am so fantastic.

At first when I was smashed up, till now that I am just air and gas luck, I look

That the misery of my flesh in the final hours hurt family but he knew my wishes

The killer slipped away after leaving me lifeless, vanished completely, no clues, sightless.

Write this killer for your victim thanks your acts of kindness, timeless, heavenly.

drew mullings


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