America is NOT the Land of the Free

Wake up Americans, because you all are not free. You live under government rule that has how many 3 lettered monogram agencies who all control you in some way by telling you all what you can and can not do and please forgive me for stating it this way, buy you fools are paying their wages so that they live comfortable lives while they oppress you. How many of you Americans can afford the luxuries that the politicians you pay for and all other tax dollar paid staff members of government at all levels, get to enjoy? How foolish it is that they are free to travel wherever they want, when they want and you tax paying citizens are paying for them to keep you oppressed and have to ask permission and pay even more money to have the luxuries they have. I have traveled a country were the people are free to make their own choices. The crime rate is nearly non-existent. The police force and military, very small. The citizens for the most part are happy. They come up with creative ideas ro meet the needs of others as they bring an income in for their families, without government interference. Vendors walk down the street selling the most delicious fresh made food and blessed drinks and no complaints of food poisoning from improper preparation or keeping of the food because anyone with any common sense realizes that they do not want to serve unhealthy food as then people just won’t buy from them. What a concept. They are peaceful people and yet, I would not cross them or steal from them and they are a country of beautiful people whom many Americans frown upon and consider them to be of lower class and not welcome to or worthy to live in America. You all create your own reality by the belief system and the system of control you all allow upon your mindsets.

Break free American citizens and shut that government. The founding fathers warned American citizens about the oppression that a government whom has become to large would cause and instructed you Americans of what to do about it. You all go to those public schools that the government demands your children to attend and threatens you parents with jail if they do not attend and yet they do not teach in those public schools about how the government has grown to big because all they care about is that almighty dollar that someone gets to receive because of your child’s presence having that warm body sitting in that seat. I know of children who teachers gave them test answers, just to help them graduate, they didnt care if the child learned anything. Open your eyes people and the simplest thing to do is to unite in quiet resistance of refusing their authority over you. Keep your children home because they don’t have the ability to arrest, house, and put through that ridiculous court system, every parent in the America. Shut down CPS, because they like to profit off of taking people’s children away from them. If you parents truly knew of the type of moral values of the authorities those who teach your children, you would not want your children around them. Shut down the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc., because every single one of those agencies only function to do their counterintelligence against the American people and not for your safety, as you all have been taught by them to believe. Those agencies exist for the sole purpose to be that Big Brother watching so that they can bring attacks on people like me who stand up against them and want to warn others of the truth that is not being seen. And a very simple answer about the taxes so that people do not suffer losing the income needed to support their families, immediately have your employers 1099 you and then at tax time, tell the government to fuck off, you refuse to support them anymore. Excise my language, I am a warrior who has been in battle and we do have a little bit of a rough edge to us. Ask God, because He is a warrior and He raised me to be a warrior. Religions are the ones who teach that meek and mild refers to a person who is quietly, silent. There is a difference between a meek and mild, gentle loving heart, and a meek and mild person who is afraid to speak up for themself.

United you all stand.

Leslee Logan

A woman on a journey of love with our Lord Jesus. Seeking within, to find the Love that once seemed lost.

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