Start Over

Sometimes I feel like I’ve hit the end of my current path. Should I choose a new one? Should I stay on my current path and wait for a change?

Have you ever been stuck in that 50/50 and you don’t know what to choose? The new paths aren’t visual yet because they haven’t been taken. You have no idea what is to come on this new path.

The path you are on is somewhat clear. You know what’s happening and possibly what can or will happen.

If you don’t like your current path, what keeps us on it? What prevents us from just starting over?

Joy Nasalroad

I am a beginner blogger. Living life and sharing stories one step at a time.

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Auroraboros · March 28, 2018 at 4:15 pm

What a great question… A relatable struggle indeed. Personally, I think it is all about how well-defined your “path” is. Do you know your end goal, abd your path the A->B relationship, the beginning to the end, with the steps along the way negotiable as you go? Or is the path more granular, each movement forward intentional and deliberate, but the end goal unclear? This is key to understand… Though neither one is really superior as far as I am concerned. You just need to know your strategy, what is important to you and what you hope to accomplish, then make sure you achieve what you set out to do, varying your approach as your as comfortable.

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