Life’s Ingredients

How would life be without them?
those ones, yeah them,
they are always there,
wrecking havoc however they choose,
you? to stop them?
try mais they’ll have their way,
they’ll have what they want.

Do they really?
Or is it more of a deserve?
Maybe or maybe not.
But they walk – Nay, run to destruction,
Like their life depends on it,
irony – their lives end with it,
but do they know? Do they?

So you stand as a prophet, shouting,
stopping them from themselves,
barking as a mad man – pity.
They never learn,
they want experience,
like recruiters,
only now its detriment they’ll receive.

Why is it so though?
Why does evil bestow stubbornness on its chosen ones?
Why does it add blindness to the mix,
why are others the fortune tellers?


Another man down,
all warnings served.
It will never end I believe.
Peut etre c’est juste la vie.

Supreme Ndubisi

I am Supreme, not just a name but a personality, I've got a crazy mind. writing is breathing and I always look forward to the next thing, the next phase.

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