Hard Sorry

When you look into their eyes you see nothing but eyes.
Literally nothing,
those blank absent minded glances cast at you from their sockets have you in a confused state without the right words to say.
The next thing coming to mind; ‘sorry’.
There’s nothing else for me,
I just don’t know how to comfort a weeping soul,
a sad person,
a heavy heart.

As much as words pour out to me for other uses like this one,
it seems hard for them to submit to my use for consolation.
And that’s a bit weird, or is it?
I am weird so that should be normal I guess.
Maybe it’s the normal reaction of negatives, probably I just can’t help because there’s so much sadness within me,
and my own heart is protecting itself from drowning,
going under,
maybe it’s my defense mechanism,
one I know not of.

Or maybe I’m just too joyful to have any words of gloom in me,
maybe the happiness residing in me has banished all semblance of sadness within, expunging those words that sad aching hearts love to hear.
Or do they?
Do those pain stricken, bad news-laden hearts love to hear those words of consolation, those sad tunes and hymns, lyrics and lines of melancholy?
do they anxiously wait to hear them?

Or do they long for something more bright and lifting, the opposite of their southward state, do they long for chatter and more liveliness to make them forget the sorrow that keeps them heavy and slow?
This is my dilemma.
Even more is my sad predicament for who to inquire from.

Who will help, who can tell?
The past sorrowfuls have forgotten it’s feel, the present are too deep.
I guess I’ll never know, best avoid those swollen eyes and black cloaked ones
or if I must, then I’ll fall on the precious sword, letting out an aimless; S-O-R-R-Y.

Supreme Ndubisi

I am Supreme, not just a name but a personality, I've got a crazy mind. writing is breathing and I always look forward to the next thing, the next phase.

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