Day One

Day 1

We met on Thursday night December 29th, at 3am. I was lonely and having a rough night, he invited me over to his hotel room I said no at least 5 times. Around 2am I messaged him and said I couldn’t sleep, and it turned out he was still up also. On a nervous whim, I agreed to let him come over to cuddle. Which we both agreed was just cuddling. A nerve-wracking hour later he showed up at my front door. I quickly straightened up my mismatching pjs, wrapped a blanket around me and went to greet him, slightly shivering from the cold and from nervousness. His first words to me was “is it okay to park here”. I told him yes and awkwardly led him the hundred feet to my room, plopped down on my bed and tried to look cute and confident. He proceeded to throw off his white converse and climb onto my bed next to me. Since we had arranged this meeting to cuddle I got right to it and snuggled up beside him, then decided to use my opening line I had been planning all night. I asked “5 reasons you’re not a Psycho? Go!”

He answered, “he has a job, a car, friends, a place to live and likes to hike” Then I tried my best to also answer my question but I’ve since forgotten what I told him. We kept making small talk and then a lull in conversation appeared. I turned to get a better look at him and noticed he was actually quite handsome. A few seconds into checking him out he leaned in and kissed me, firmly, but gently and with instant undeniable attraction. There was most definitely a connection, a spark, an understanding. We continued to talk and mess around another couple of hour, until we fell asleep. He woke up early the next morning to sneak back into his hotel room before his friends noticed he was gone. I woke up feeling calm and nonchalant, like I just had a one night stand and should move on. He invited me to go up to the cabin he rented for New Year’s Eve but I said no, because I didn’t know him and didn’t think it was smart to go that far from home with somebody I didn’t know. By Saturday morning I was so bored and sad I didn’t have any plans I up and decided to meet him at the cabin by dark, Saturday night. I packed up, got all prettied up and drove 3 hours on a road I had never driven before to a place I had never gone alone to. I have never felt so empowered, free or exhilarated in my entire life.

I arrived about 2 hours before he was going to return from his hike. I anxiously waited in the cabin for he and his friends to return. While I waited I watched some Netflix on my phone, and snuggled up to the fireplace to calm my nerves. Two hours had gone by and he still wasn’t back. Turns out his friends were too tired to keep up on the mountain, so he decided to run down, drive to pick me up and take me back to the mountain to wait for his friends. When he walked into the cabin, that was only the second time I had ever met him, I found myself catching my breath as I studied him over once more. He was very handsome for sure. We hopped in the minivan and raced off to the frozen mountain in the full moon light. In my head, I had to pinch myself several times to make sure this crazy unexpected night was actually happening to someone like me. In the van, he made nervous small talk and began asking all the basic questions to get to know me. While he talked I studied him even harder, he had a way of conversing that was so different I was trying to decide if he was the type that would instantly get on my nerves or if I could adjust. He had a gentle, slow, methodical cadence about his voice. The type that at first impression has read to many books, has a 4.1 gpa and favorite hobby is debating. Much to my relief I later found out all these assumptions were wrong. As we reached the mountain I could not stop shaking from excitement, nervousness and exhilaration. We bundled up and started the trek across the closed down ski hill covered in ice, glowing a beautiful white in the full moon light. We started to relax and ask more interesting questions, and every answer I got made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy. Almost instant infatuation, he could have said he just learned to tie his shoes yesterday and I still would have swooned hard. After finding his friends we stayed back a bit to catch a moment alone, steal a few chilly nosed kisses and explore the sparks between us. We turned back down the trail and continued talking until we got back to the van. We finished the night with a dinner of homemade tacos he made for me, which both impressed me and made me nervous. After dinner, we played “kings cup” while drinking at least 5 beers each. This game gave me the first glimpse at the playful magic this man possessed. He teased me endlessly, made me laugh till I cried and started to teach me not to take myself so seriously and just let go. After his friends went to bed, I felt like going for a walk in the freezing cold. I needed to be honest with him about where I was at in life at the moment and hoped he would understand and not freak out. After we walked and talked for a bit he seemed understanding and accepting of my situation, and in turn told me something very personal about himself as well. The one thing I remember most about that conversation, is when I confided in him my greatest sadness in life was having no one ever fight for me. It may have been the beer talking but he looked me directly in the eye and said, “I would fight for you”, then he pulled me close in his arms and held me there for a moment. After I stopped floating for what seemed like a moment that froze time, he asked if we could go back inside because his bare legs were freezing cold. So, we went back inside, crawled under the covers, and kissed goodnight in a way which drove the sparks wild. After we regained our senses, we curled up, wrapped me safely in his arms and slept our first official night together. I felt so safe, happy and content and will never forget the special, once upon a time, magic of new beginnings.

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