Broken ‘Timepieces’

There’s no sound that He does not hear, from the roaring Jet engines to the blaring car horns (especially the trucks Chai!) to the crickets and heavy-duty generator sounds, He hears them all, as noisy and buzzy and bustling as our cities and days can be and as busy and crowded as our minds are, He comes to us in the midst of all and whispers ‘Peace be Still’

There’s no questioning that command when it is issued out, everything just stops in total obedience to the voice of the author of time, the same one who is outside of the confines of the said time, the one whose reign is forever and whose kingdom has no end.

Frequently we hear people say that they don’t have time and that’s really baffling because we all get the same quantity of time per day and we decide what we do with our alloted time, even those with the most busiest of schedules still have a scale of preference from the activities which have the highest priorities to those which have the least, and eventually, if an emergency were to come up, certain things could be pushed aside but there are some that just can’t be ignored, some can’t be shifted or shuffled and it all depends on one’s interests, the things that one holds most dear to heart.

Being faithful in little is as good as being faithful in much, circumstances are different and everybody gets busy, but if at the slightest chance we automate the cancellation of spiritual activities then that is a clear indication of where our hearts lie and what our highest priorities are in life, it is obvious then what will materialize when more responsibilities are handed to you.

But to be safe, seek Godly counsel from brethren who have been faced with similar situations, also ask God for wisdom.

Though your time be crowded and your mind be choked with plentiful nothings and blurry thoughts & things, though all around, you are bordered by the world’s Works and bothered with the warrings of the Heart, Know this;

That there is a peace, more profound than your fingers, more soothing than rain in the desert, much more calming than David’s harp, It is the Peace in which those whose hearts are stayed on God are immersed, it’s the Peace that in the midst of the waves, panic and confusion – allows you to be Still and know that He is God.

Once the Peace of God comes in contact with your timeline, everything falls into the correct order.

Check your priorities, check your interests, check what your mind dwells on when in idle mode and allow the Prince of peace have His throne therein, taste and see that the Lord is truly Good, Let Him fix your broken TIME with His PEACE.

Supreme Ndubisi

I am Supreme, not just a name but a personality, I've got a crazy mind. writing is breathing and I always look forward to the next thing, the next phase.

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