Orphaned Heart

Beautiful trauma
what have we done..
How do we stop what has begun..
So bright on fire is our love..
So high on life we live above..
The highest highs lifting us up
Until our cup overflows with the sweetest of love..
something dark has taken control
sorrow has invaded into our soul
overshadowing the light we know..
I’m lost and rambling as I roam-
crying out is my love, as it desperately seeks to bring you home..
Desolate and all alone..
My heart soars and shatters simultaneously
certain I’ll find you –
yet, sure I’m on my own
With no place to call home..
deprived – abandoned
we are now dead..
I hope to survive with you in my head..

LaMarr Wenrich

Living life one moment at a time... Each day is a gift... Blessed with the life I've been given--surrounded by my precious family and friends I love.

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