One Friday

One Friday in the countryside,
Away from fast-paced life and fancy lights.
Laid back, balmy, in bed ’til 10:00
As sun gleamed with linen scent.

With a good cup, I started my day
Strong coffee to walk my way
Hair tied up, didn’t take me long
Sneakers, shorts and just a white shirt on

By the gateway, I met this guy
We hit the road, off to paradise
A short trek, beautiful sights
A perfect stranger and the summer sky

Blue-green springs, big stones, cliffs and caves
Warm breeze, cold water.. cutting-edge.
Climbed, soaked, swam, and even crawled
Walked and talked, played, laughed and rolled.

Astounding structures up there
360 degrees awestruck, I couldn’t bear
I screamed with cram-full bliss
In my nerve-racking world, at that moment, I found peace.

Melvie Gomez

I am never in between. I enjoy my monochromatic self in the vividness of this world.

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