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What You Deserve

You’re not being too picky, you deserve the same energy and effort you release.
You  deserve someone who wants to know about you.
Stop wasting your time with people who don’t care about you and only want you for their own needs.
You deserve someone who wants to hear about your dreams just as much as you want to hear theirs.
You deserve someone who cares about how you’re feeling; how your day was.
You deserve to have people in your life who prove you need them in yours.
Don’t allow people to interrupt your path to greatness just because they’re lonely.
You deserve to be with someone who stands next to you because they couldn’t imagine standing next to anyone else.
Don’t confuse salt with sugar. If they want you they have to prove it.
You deserve to be wanted without demand.
You shouldn’t be taken for granted.
Everything that you need is already within you.
The day you fully realize and accept that is the day you realize just how truly amazing you are.
Love yourself. It’s difficult to love someone who doesn’t love themselves.
It shows in the way you treat yourself and the way you talk about yourself.
Make your wants want you. Stay true to who you are.
Because being secure with who you are, means you don’t downplay or exaggerate any part of yourself for anyone.
Don’t be swayed with promises of the sun and the moon.
You deserve someone who’ll stay to lay on the grass and watch them with you.
You deserve love.

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Dillys Johnson

A coffee loving, loud mouth unconventional thinker with a knack for saying the most appropriate things at the most inappropriate times.

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