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Two of Swords

The road ahead splits into two

Which do I choose, which do I not?

Both have a lot of green and grey

Both seem to welcome me to stay

If I tread on one, I may never know

What life’s lessons lay in the other to follow

For I know both have thorns and meadows

A few heart breaks and a few longings for tomorrow

I ask those around me who would know

Those who have walked these paths before

I seek a sign from the skies

I sing a hymn, I close my eyes

And then I hear a little voice

It comes from within me, from somewhere

What is it that you truly desire? It asks

Both roads have the same share of joys and sorrows

Both would help me know myself more

Both would find me new friends and homes

New adventures waiting in unknown roads

I realize road to life is long

Some days filled with boredom, others with enthusiasm

It is only I who can make

My days filled with magic or stupor

It is only I who can create

Good days for hopeful tomorrows

Or bad ones with dreamless sorrows

So no matter which road I choose

I am the one to live it through

I am the one who would decide

Whether I sleep or wish to fly

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Madhuri Dutta

Hello! Optimistic, dreamer and lazy are words that sum me up. I am a great listener, until I know you well enough, and then there is a serious role reversal! Enjoy my posts!

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brijkaulblog · March 26, 2018 at 12:10 pm

This is a good poesy. All about secrets joys and sorrows about life. the thoughts explained powerfully. congrats Madhuri .

do you read my blogs kindly do. my poems and other ones .leave your comments .

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