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Trigger Warning

Body cams are the

New lynch mobs

Where whites can lust

For black carcasses

And dance to the sounds

Of mournful sobs

Where Pic-A-Nigger


Are the current traffic stops

And when niggas caught on

Camera phones

It’s sure to catch some bodies drop

Where the KuKluxKlan

Traded in the hood

For the hood of a car

That reads:

Violent Cop

Where ads with descriptions of blacks

As runaway slaves

Is now the call to dispatch

In the form of a traffic stop

Damn my nigga, it was only a traffic stop

“Nigger dead or alive” rewards

Are the severance paid

To these assassin cops

This shit has got to stop

This shit has got to stop

Where news outlets give caution before broadcasting

Our bodies drop

That it’s a, “nigger warning”

-Uh- “trigger warning”

That, “What you’re about to see,

Is the very essence of a soulless being;

That, to the victim and those who

Share the same hue;

This nigger warning–

Trigger warning

Is directed to you.

Watch carefully as we

Hit targets marked by the skin on your back;

For all others (trigger warning):
Grab your triggers

And attack”

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