The Hammer

What is love?
I hardly know,
And I have lived,
some time ago.

As it happens,
I saw a man,
He staggered past,
On bloodied sand.

He wore a crown,
of twisted thorns,
And drug a cross,
As people scorned.

I didn’t know,
That this was love,
Poured out freely,
From above.

I followed Him,
Amidst the crowd,
Despite His pain,
He wasn’t proud.

He turned and looked,
At every face,
A familiar expression,
I couldn’t place.

And soon He made it,
Up the hill,
On His feet,
He labored still.

Until they pushed Him,
To the ground,
On that cross,
He soon was bound.

And it was then,
I began to weep,
Amidst it all,
I couldn’t speak.

I felt a love,
So far and deep,
With each pained cry,
And hammer sweep.

The sound I never,
Will forget,
As they nailed,
His feet and wrists.

And lifted He,
Upon that cross,
For all to see,
For all to watch.

Until the earth,
Did shake and shout,
And God himself,
Came storming down.

And as the chaos,
So ensued,
The veil was torn,
As if in two.

And so that’s how,
The story went,
But I can’t say,
That’s all of it.

In three days time,
As you all know,
Love came back,
And took His throne.

From that day on,
I have believed,
His love had changed,

And in those moments,
I fail to see,
The swing of the hammer,
Comes back to me.

Reminding me,
Of that day,
A man named Jesus,
Crossed my way.

What is love?
Now I know,
My life began,
Some time ago.

Riley Slob

God Is Good. If it wasn't for Him, I wouldn't be a writer, a wife, or a singer. It is my heart to bring Him glory and to share His love. God bless and thank you for reading!

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