Sun Love

So bright and warm

a blazing rock so far away

speaks to my soul

warming the edges of the dark creases in my mind

warming the soft edges

warming the fray

It makes me happy to sit in the sun

warming my cold soul as the day moves on

weary then bright by mood lifts

much like the sun flower who follows the ball of fire

much like the cat

who could sit here for hours

Why am I a slave to this warm ball of fire?

my skin warms slowly

I feel sleepy and lazy

I could stay here all day

it would be one of my fondest desires

Alas I get up

get on with my day

ten minutes wasn’t enough

but it will have to do

as I make haste

I promise to seek you out later

I am forever your sun-seeker

Note: This post was originally written by R.J. Davies for Rule of Three. This is re-posted with her permission.

Penny Cobb

Hello, my name is P.L Cobb (also known as Penny) and I manage Rule of Three. Under me are two other authors: Mitchell Stoycheff and R.J. Davies.

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