A Visit to an Old Age Home

This was the first time I was visiting an old age home with two of my friends which is an old age home for orphans and aged people and even new-born babies are left there. We can see old age homes all across the world. Now it has become a global phenomenon. People don’t have time to care for their parents and children. Our values and bonds have been completely collapsed. Unfortunately, even the best old age home has old people and children who are unhappy, lonely and sad. Visitors were allowed to meet only for fixed hours. When visitors came, they were overwhelmed while they would interact with the residents, and even pleased when the residents would share their pleasant memories and blissful pleasures of life.

The visitors were even shattered and saddened when they heard about their pain and regrets. Some residents were extremely quiet and seemed as if they were in discomfort, and some were in psychological and emotional trauma. Some even seemed to be jeopardized witnessing their fate, saddened for what destiny had in their favor. Some were in total disbelief regarding their children’s doings and behaviour towards them. Some even complained about the things they couldn’t compromise or adjust for, and surely they were uncomfortably bounded, as there was no one who could fulfil their desired comforts and expectations from life in all justice.

A moment that I can never forget was when one of the ladies cried out heavily with pain because she could not believe the fact that her son deceivingly brought her here to be left all by herself, without him. She further mentioned how she still remembers the memories with her son when he was a child, and that how much affection and love she held for him even now, and that she still craves him out of care and desperate love. She suffered intense depression because of what her son recompensed her with. I talked with those unfortunate parents (has different section of men and women) and collected fond memories. I learnt a lot from them. Many parents were still hoping that someday their children’s will come and ask them take them back home. Some were waiting when that time will come. Some were hopeless !

I just want to draw your attention to imagine what is to live in old age homes, where there are strangers from different cultures while you are forced to adjust and reside with unknown people amidst uncomfortable situations. And that how terribly dissatifying and tough it is to begin living in this foreign environment at such an age, where you hardly get your preferred foods and facilities you were habitual to all life long. One is completely dependent on the choices and preferences of their environment be it satisfactory/likable or not. The person who served and spared their whole life just to make their children prosperous in life. In return she got the life which she never expected..really pathetic! Where we heading towards ?

Science and even the best writers fail to explain the affection, bonding and love between a child and a mother. Every parents want their children to be happy and blessed. Then, Why these people are suffering at this age? Has the time not come for us to realise what we owe to our parents of duty and recompense? That we can never return their countless favors upon us? That there can be no justified return for their immense care and affection towards us, ever since when we were weak and fragile as infants? Definitely our parents are our identity, moreover the greatest piece of our lives. If we lose our identity then no sooner we too shall be forgotten and lost. As the saying goes ..

Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Remember, life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness and care about your Parents then we also will be cared for“.

SZ Shaikh

You can't change someone's behaviour, all you can do is remind them, and hpoe that God will change their heart.

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