Think Over the Thoughts

There are thoughts,

In fact, countless thoughts,

Get you high,

Up there on cloud nine,

Bring you low,

Good thing if you’re in submarine,

Thoughts that come and go,

Some come and say goodbye,

For man’s fancy and delight,

Some more loaded,

With gravity that aggravates,

When the moon is full,

And still, some are,

Much charged,

Very bad at times,

Thoughts that knock and electrify,

They could get drastic and impolite,

Thoughts that come and stay around,

They be friends or foes,

Thought over well.

Look at what has happened,

History speaks of itself,

The thoughts of men,

Form part of their interior world,

And some wonder about,

And end up in the world at large,

Think over the thoughts.

Pia Lorenzo

Pia Lorenzo's interests revolve around social sciences and humanities, having taken courses on philosophy, theology, languages, music and art.

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