Eternal Destruction


Dancing in the middle of the kitchen with undeniable pleasure, my thoughts roam the streets as the sound of your voice echoes in my ears. The soft cooing of a gentle whisper, my heart begging blood to nourish overworked veins, the air leaves traces of breathlessness in the form of opalescent smoke. Crystal blue eyes sparkle in the sky as bare feet hit gravel between cracks in the road. Bright is the moon, as it beats down on the snow-white iridescence of your skin as it rocks back and forth behind my eyelids. Grungy guitar and bass reverberating from my skull to my toes, aching fingertips and tired knees. Slowly handing over all control to The omniscient mother – gravity pulling each individual ounce closer and closer to the ground, trying to make me feel whole again.

Flashbacks as my body shakes, listening only to disintegrating piano keys and trans-retinal images burned by the sight of a ghost. It’s coming back to me, yet my breath is falling apart again – the marrow rearranging within every bone, shaking, crying for an antidote. Water seeps in through the cracks of the ceiling, streaming down bleak walls to paint them pale. The wind stabs my cells like winter snow through holes between sediment, a vessel to sink as the water piles on the ground. Lungs filling inch by inch, with the humming of your delicate voice breathing fictitious life down my throat. A façade of vitality, love, a memory – the ocean in your eyes drowns every thought, velvet secrets covering the walls that are caving in.

Transparent arms grasping at weak limbs, only to carry fragments of the remaining soul to their final rest. A reaper of souls, light surrounds your dark cloak. Coloring life black as the smoke rises from my ashes burning, fire rains down sand and stone like hail. Echoing in the sky, dark as thunder, demonic cries shake the visible Earth of everlasting pain, shame, guilt. Falling through cracks emitted from such abrupt vibrations, each ash meets a white-hot flame, dancing together for eternity. Plenty of company surrounding each corridor beneath the surface, yet eternal isolation.

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