Abundant Beauty Bestowed

I ask you for water,

And the water flows.

I ask you to bring,

Unto me,

Birds of the air,

Low and behold,

Many birds it is,

That I see,

Bestowed upon me.

With so much beauty,

Their love from within,

So soothing to me,

Singing such sweet songs,

From within,

Of your love for me.

I ask you to bring me,

Many butterflies to see,

Soon all around,

What do I see?

Fluttering among me,

Various butterflies,

Of many colors to see,

All whom have come,

To spend time with me.

So beautiful they are,

Bringing their peace to me.

You are so beautiful,

With the beauty you bring.

Oh how I desire,

To share this among,

All those in my presence,

Yet they are so blind.

So bring unto me,

That very special one,

To share such beauty,

Of this love as one.

For a love to true,

To share with you,

Is what must do.

For a love so kind,

Should never be kept,

From the hearts of those,

Desiring within,

A heart so pure,

Deep within.

Leslee D Logan

Leslee Logan

Leslee Logan

A woman on a journey of love with our Lord Jesus. Seeking within, to find the Love that once seemed lost.

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