Love Yourself

Break ups are hard but don’t get so caught up that you lose site of who you are.

Words of hate caused by your pain are childish and will not get you very far.

Things in life all happen for a reason.

Your hostility and anger is going to leave you in the cold freezing.

Instead of placing blame on everyone but yourself, try to see the picture as a whole not just one of itself.

Just because it’s over doesn’t mean you are a failure, nor does it give you a right to destroy her demeanor.

Sometimes it takes heartache to see the truth, maybe that’s the reason you need this proof.

Placing blame on others to mask your pain will only hide the real reason and drive you insane.

If you hate your life and what you’ve become, how on earth can you expect another not to come undone.

Misery loves company so the saying goes, I am smarter than that I want you to know.

A chaos negative filled world is not the one for me, you’re on your own if that’s the one you want and choose to be.

Kim Colquitt

A single mother of 5 creating poetry to soothe the soul during some of life's most enjoyable or chaotic moments. Each day is a new adventure. Your thoughts are what make you, YOU!

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