Binding Blood

Bit by bit I’m losing my hope,

Lock in a room with candle slowly losing its light.

Chained in a corner where darkness recedes.

Can no longer muster the courage to fight,

I have crumbled to pieces with an aching heart.

Waiting for someone to pull me up,

Throat sores as a scream escaped a thousand times.

But no one dared to save a broken doll-like me

Bit by bit fear engulfs my being

Afraid of losing my voice in this deaf world;

Afraid of being caged for the rest of existence;

Afraid of losing the chance to escape this world of irony,

This world full of people trying to pull you down,

This world full of lies blinding all from the truth,

This wretched world governed by power and money.

When will I escape from this binding blood?

Blood of those who seek riches through harm;

Blood of those egocentric brethren’s that I have;

Blood of those who made tears appear in my eyes;

And the blood of those who left blood for power.

One day I will rise with greatness,

No longer weak and chained from the binding blood,

No longer useless and pathetic.

One day I’ll rise and they’ll bow,

No longer one of their broken dolls.

Ace Centeno

An ordinary girl aspiring to write my thoughts into words to inspire others. For more of my Works, follow me @

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