Uncompromising Literature is Sometimes a Must

There’s one thing I learned in writing and that is sometimes you have to be firm and uncompromising. It’s hard not to be tempted to change to appease others. Especially a fan. But don’t. Do not comprise on your characters. Or you may find the flow of your story going in an unworkable direct. Don’t change it because no one knows it better than you. I learned that comprising can destroy a story faster than any negative rating. And takes a lot of rewriting to return things to their original state. If not, it will make your writings appear wishy-washy and make readers wonder, will you change again when the public opinion change. Being uncompromising steadfast lets readers know what to expect from your work. Remember, there’s always going to be someone who likes it and there’s always going to be someone who hates it and compromising isn’t going to bring those who dislike it to see it in favorable views.

A. White

Thank you for invite. My name is A. White. I'm the author of the Unholy Pursuit Saga which consist of 13 books and numerous prequels.

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