The Conversation

The broken teeth of tombstones in the graveyard
Gnaw at your ankles
Like an old pet dog
Unrebuked and unrestrained
While you continue your conversation
With Life
As He leans back in his chair
Steepling his fingers
And gazing at you with that superior look
His eyes amused

But it’s hard to follow his line of thought
As it lurches between comedy and tragedy,
The meaningful and the mundane.
The chewing continues

You pretend not to notice.

One can heroically rage against meaninglessness
But triviality is the ultimate defeat.
To be mundane in a mundane world
Is the end of heroism
To be pleasant but not kind
To be angry but not fierce
To sing but not for joy
To be the hollow man
All that you are on display
But inside
The vacant room
The empty stage
The well-lit street
The shopping list
The latest thing
The titled role
The chewing continues.

Jeff Burton

I write poetry, short prose and songs. I have several books on Amazon which nobody has read. I accept this with good grace.

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