Silence Heals

It’s painful when somebody hurts you. I’ve been hurt by people who once held my hand so tight that I never thought they’d ever come to the point of hurting or even being cruel to me. The type of people who’d kiss you and in that moment you’d be so sure that they’d love you forever. They, who would hug you and you’d be better than certain it’d always be that way. But everyone turns around once in a while.

Everyone goes away sometimes. Everyone is frightened by what life has or doesn’t have to offer most of the time. In such moments, people tend to hurt a lot of people unknowingly or knowingly. They stand before you and cry with & against you but at the end of it all, they have to leave because you’re too hurt to look into their hearts and see that they truly are sorry. They are too ashamed of the amount of hurt they’ve caused you. So they turn and let go of your hand one last time as you break down in tears, damaged, unamendable, bitter but still longing for them.

Time passes by with so much silence between the both of you. Time comes when the love that once broke your paths and burnt everything you owned suddenly ignites in both your hearts. A siren’s call from both hearts to each other. So you kiss again with more tears with more emotions with greater flames. Your silence Heals.

Martin Brian

A silent soul with a silent story to tell.


Faith Okpoyo · March 22, 2018 at 2:15 pm

I’m speechless

Joseph kitinya · March 22, 2018 at 2:24 pm

nice piece

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