Pardon My Euphemism

The ‘average’ lady of my generation is so dull that for a while I actually thought that ladies whose brain actually worked were now but relics in a museum somewhere and would be only seen after paying a sum to view ancient artifacts, weapons, cars, dresses and regalia.

The guys themselves are an excuse to being alive, with so much empty pride born from fine face and empty brains that have cells full of an entitlement mentality which states that being the man you must ask for what you want from a woman and she would give without question. So with such misinformation and warped mindset, they begin demanding; respect, male children, cooked food, money and every other thing featured in life that is so evidently beyond their reasoning and deserving.

But I wonder if the ladies realise the power that they wield – not bottom power – this position of authority bestowed upon them by such thoughtless mofos roaming in full disguise of the worthy alphas. I wonder if many even stop to think of their worth before they bend to worship any figure that was gifted a beard at puberty, if they stop to consider what they would stand for without a man in the picture, if they even know of the original feminine charm and heartfelt wisdom, motherly instincts and Queenly grace.

I wonder if these boys in men clothing realise how underutilized and untested their reasoning faculty is, how so low they continue to stoop by degrading and trampling their blessed oblivious beauties, how their only sense of belonging now comes from weights and dumbells, with broad chests and six packs more structured than their lives would ever be they wander the earth with pride that baffles. Where are the leaders and daring men who still find honesty a strength and are not afraid to chart their own course with few words and Godly wisdom?

Sorry I dragged you here for this but I’m not sorry, and if you are not in the erring fold then I’m happy for you, and if you are a parent check your child… Enough said!

I hope I wasn’t too harsh?

Supreme Ndubisi

Supreme Ndubisi

I am Supreme, not just a name but a personality, I've got a crazy mind. writing is breathing and I always look forward to the next thing, the next phase.

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