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From the view of literature

Pursuing science as my field in my senior secondary career, everyone had dreamt me of becoming a doctor. But I chose to follow my dreams and pursue literature for my career. Though my parents supported me, society had its own comments and compliments. I was tagged as a fool for choosing literature over medicine. So today, this article is for those who mocked me and about my career.

There is no doubt that science gave me knowledge, but literature has its own way of looking and interpreting things. It gives a third eye to look at this world. I see a change in me. I find an unbiased person within me who had lost the quality of being judgemental. I justify people because I realize I am no one to poke my nose in their life. No more do I judge a girl who had many relationships before. She simply might have broken it because she didn’t find the happiness in it she was searching for. People mock at transgenders in the streets, we people search about their lifestyle. You people think of falling in love is an idle form, we think rising in love is the idle form. We don’t consider love being the main ingredient of a relationship but ‘space’ is. We learned, to be happy is the most important thing in life and whatever you are doing, if it is not hurting or harming others, you are right on your part.

Literature unmasked thousand and glorified unknowns. You know what is the difference between you and a literature student? We learn that pursuing our dreams is more important than earning money. We don’t argue. We write because we believe ”pen is mightier than sword”. We have the power of imagining things and see places what reality can’t show you. We can give life to dead one and take life from the living one through our spells of words and imagination. We don’t differentiate people. Rather we treat everyone equal because literature gave us the true meaning of ‘HUMANITY’. Literature itself doesn’t differentiate between people. Creativity is a blessing and it is distributed unbiased without considering their status, caste, and gender.

The next time you mock or give your unwanted review to a literature student, keep in your mind that literature gave you words and that’s the reason you’re speaking today. Mind you, our pens can do wonders and blunders too. If we can praise someone, we can condemn too. I don’t say other professions and fields are futile, but people who criticize others for taking up literature are deprived of a blessing of being a better human in their lives. I salute each one who took the courage of pursuing their dreams by standing firm against the society. No matter what, we will end up with a happy and satisfied life.

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Seyashree Mohapatra

A writer and a poet by birth. follow my writing on emotions and reflections


WamblingWabbitsRambling · March 23, 2018 at 12:50 am

Well said! We should all support one another in our endeavours no matter what they are, not tear each other down because we see it as a step down or the wrong choice.

dementiasdiariesdd · March 23, 2018 at 2:03 am

I agree with you there….It is very intriguing how people these days tend to forget that Philosophy (which is a sister discipline of Literature and mother discipline of all knowledge) is in fact a Humanities field….
And hence Humanities deserves the respect which is often associated with the Sciences these days…

theperfectimperfect · May 7, 2018 at 3:48 pm

Good. This is something literature students want others to understand. Whatever people say we should be proud of our decision because literature gave us an insight to see things differently .

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