What feels during a Heart Break?

You made me cry, you told me lies

But I can’t stand to say goodbye.

————- ozzy osbourne.

Guys I am back again. Yes with another topic that I have faced & you all have also – “Heart-Break”. Guys, we all try to fall in love. yes!! That makes us feel Better. But what happens if you are broken?? Are you able to feel??

In Greek, there is a word, called “Meraki“-  that means doing something that you love. Love is Meraki. But what happens if you are broken. Let us see.

You are broken. Means that you have lost everything you had.
You have nothing to lose. Whenever in real life or in the emotional, you have lost everything, so nothing to lose.
You are shameless. Because you are broken, you won’t care for others.
You become ruthless. Yes, you won’t care for others, what is happening, what will happen. You just need your life back.
You are at the end of the roof. You may fall, you may fly.
Your mind becomes empty. Yes, you are willing to do anything.
But guys, if you want to see, see that as an exercise that made you feel broken. Guys, you may fall, but do you know, that is the moment when you can fly. Yes!! When you have all the energy, you are willing to do something. You have the best time because you can start anything now, you can do anything… anything!! Because you are willing. For me, you may rise, you may fall, you may cry, you may laugh but you can not stay numb.

So guys, do not feel bored, remember what you were before he/she came. You were better & it was not good to be with her, that is why you got separated!! It is better to make a good beginning, beginning of a new life, where you find yourself better & free from those unwanted love matters. Make a better future, make yourself adaptable. Carry yourself, spend time with your friends as much you can. Play sports, go for ride, live life king size!!

And it was not the last girl/boy in the world. So many more can come, but from now, do not make yourself commit, be casual, be happy.

Yo!! Live life, King Size!!

Best wishes for those who are going to read my blog for the first time.

Swastik Mukherjee

Engineering student.Living life king size. Willing to live life in style. Sexy but not handsome. Blogger Youtuber .

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