Time to Change

Emotions like a rollercoaster inevitably go up and down.

We must carefully pick the ones we choose to be around.

Negativity like the plague will spread like wildfire.

Before you know it your time will be about to expire.

Time is precious you can’t get it back

If it’s wasted, it’s too late, you can’t back track

Expression can come in many forms

Be careful not to be the one that it misinforms

Look at time like it’s what helps you survive

Each second is needed to keep you alive.

If you use it wisely you will live many years

If you don’t your death will soon be near.

A smile is worth a thousand words

You can brighten someones day without even being heard.

In this day an age most of us have become blind.

We have  resorted to put downs instead of being kind.

So many are quick to judge one another

Instead of just helping a down and out brother.

Unless you have actually walked in their shoes

Do you really think you have a clue?

When you see someone that’s down and out

How about stopping if your out and about.

Share a smile or uplifting message

Maybe that minute of your time will be what’s needed to change their passage.

Kim Colquitt

A single mother of 5 creating poetry to soothe the soul during some of life's most enjoyable or chaotic moments. Each day is a new adventure. Your thoughts are what make you, YOU!

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