The Empath’s Chair

I sit here sipping tea as I watch people.
I love doing that.
It fascinates me, the versatility of human behavior.

Children’s laughter distracts me, they are running around, playing carelessly. One of them trips and falls and begins to cry.

Nearby adults come to the rescue, but not all of them. Some just stand around and state that why they need to run around at all.

Here it is, what I love about human behavior, the diversity of responses to each situation.

Each one of us thinking our own selves to be perfectly right in all circumstances. Our acute inability to just look through another’s perspective baffles me.

I believe it’s time to evolve past the “I & me”. So the age of Us and We can finally dawn.

I sit here sipping tea, trying to make sense of the world.


Learning to love myself for the first time... ❤️ Cutting all ties that keep me where I am.. Learning to fly, to soar and be free.

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