Sand To Ashes

Mortal body lurching in dusky light
Feeling nostalgia, faded memories
Melancholy sound echo in mind
Deadly silence begin to tease him
His pale skin disgraced him
Dark sting of pain throbbed his heart
Single inch of him craved for rebirth
Chapter of his life ends here
Realized him that….
It’s a Last breath from nasty land
Lie underneath, his awful hands
Crippled body deserted in solitude
Soul walked away in gratitude
Last time he imagined his love
Enthralled by beauty of her curves
Walking to different lane
He saw himself in pain
Deep crave to live once
Deep desire to cherish her
Courageously he took every step
What was next for holy crap
Sudden thunder, black clouds swept away
Demons called his name, dragged him away
No weeps , No mercy could save him
Karma, deeds will begin to chase him
No body, nothing goes with him

Gargi Sidana

I'm a budding writer and avid reader. Passionate and introvert .

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VJ Knutson · March 30, 2018 at 8:51 pm

Very intense – good imagery.

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