Mrs. Pantry, A Biscuit For All Occasions

Dear Mrs Pantry,

How is One my dear? Well what a wonderful week One has had exploring the infinity of creations. Why just the other day One came upon this recipe for biscuits, a simple 3 ingredients list. Under which in brackets was the most inviting challenge One has risen to in such a long time – ( add your preferred flavouring of your desired amount).

One could simply not stop baking biscuits. Some of the creations, much to astonishing surprise, were actually consumed with delight. One is so pleased. Apparently the sage biscuits go quiet nicely with the dead cow soup (beef stew). Alike wise the ginger and honey with a scoop of ice cream.

However One failed to realise the response to the choc chip curry idea or the cornflakes and coffee breakfast biscuits. Those ones just disappeared, shame really as they would of cheered up Ones dog who seemed a bit rough on that day. Poor lad, he does not seem to sniff around or beg for food like other dogs. Still he is happy enough to play outside and eat the flowers.

Now then, for movie night One tired the popcorn biscuits. Unfortunately the corn did not pop but the biscuits where crunchier.

Another evening One tried chilli flake biscuits with cheese for supper. After a few sips of wine the evening became quite spicy.

But of course One must try this recipe for Ones self .
Firstly you need *3 ounce Sugar, *5 ounce Butter, *7 ounce Self raising Flour, * also your desired flavoring.

* In a bowl mix the sugar and butter until fluffy,
* Stir in flour and additional flavorings until the mixture resembles either dough or crumbly dough (with kneading will turn into biscuit dough)
* Shape and place onto a lightly buttered tray,
* Place into a pre-heated oven until the biscuits are cooked,
* Take out of the oven before they burn.

So Mrs Pantry what flavor o you think One should try next ?

On the 18th March 2018,
Katie Jayne K.

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