All In Or All Out?

The mind says run and leave, the heart says stay and play. Stay and play and gamble it all away or run and leave and head for the trees?

The thrill in staying is the rush you get from knowing if you win you hit the jackpot. But then, if you lose, you lose it all. And one’s been there before, you know that feeling, the pain, the hurt, the misery.

How does one know when you stay and when to leave? Pocket aces trump pocket 2s and ever so rarely vice versa. When the stakes are so high, how does one decide?

It’s a tug of war between heart and mind. The heart innately optimistic to a fault and the mind hopelessly pessimistic to the end. The gut torn in-between the two. Swaying in favor of one and then the other… How does one know what the odds are in favor of?

The question is….

Fight or flight? Play it safe or take a risk? All in or all out?

pixie dust19

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