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All About Love!

Love is an expression of deep, strong feelings of caring and intimacy that you have for a person. A true feeling of happiness just by the presence of this person in your life.

It is meant to be real, honest and pure. One should be able to be themselves; uninhibited, without a facade, without apprehensions. Just your true self with all your flaws and virtues. To be able to feel what you feel without having to worry about coming across weak or having to fight for an upper hand in the relationship. Two equals who love each other, respect each other and appreciate each other.

A person you love makes you feel alive, happy, complete, confident, respected, cared for, appreciated and valued like the brightest star in the brilliant night’s sky. Some one who accepts you just as you are, and loves you for it. Who finds perfection in your imperfections. Someone who helps you grow and become a better version of yourself.

When people fall in love in today’s time, it’s all about convenience, pretence, conditions & appearances. There are these games that have become an integral part of every relationship. Instilling the fear of leaving in your partner for them to appreciate what they have. But love isn’t about convenience. It’s as strong as the magnetic pull of the earth but also as subtle as a leaf on a tree. To love someone should come as easily as breathing. To love someone at their best is like saying your favourite team is the one that’s winning. True love is about loving a person at their worst. Seeing them for who they are at their most vulnerable state, when they are most broken and being able to say, “honey you’re a mess but you are the most beautiful mess I have ever seen”, and meaning it. That’s what love is all about.

There doesn’t have to be any grand gestures or intense desires. It just needs to be real, honest, true and simple. He needs to be your best friend. Someone who pulls your leg and laughs with. He needs to be your lover. Someone who you can share your feelings with. He needs to be your confidant. Someone who you can share your fears with. He needs to be your partner in crime. Someone who can be a child and brings out the crazy in you. Good crazy. He needs to be your soul mate. Someone who gives you a reality check in life. He needs to be your parent. Someone who will always protect you and stand by you. A person you can have long deep conversations with for hours or have frivolous conversations with for hours about nothing. A person who makes you feel 15 when you’re 51. All you need is someone who let’s you be yourself and who, you accept for being themselves. Two people with individual identities of their own but so in sync. Just like a perfect harmony.

Some people say I’m in denial and I’m delusional to believe in this kind of love. Some may even call me crazy. But I say, if it isn’t this kind of love then what’s the point of loving at all? And darling, normal never created history.

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Warren Richards · March 21, 2018 at 3:55 am

The year my wife and I will have been married for thirty years; and my love is true! You’re not crazy, in denial, or delusional. True Love is the best kind of love; we should never deny ourselves the experience!


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