A Partner’s Past… To Know Or Not To Know

What is a relationship without talking? What is talking in a relationship without talking about your selves? What is talking about yourself in a relationship without talking about your past and what is talking about your past without talking about your love life? I mean what is even taking place during your dating?

There is no relationship that can survive without communication. It is the blood of a relationship. Well, today girls have tried to replace it rapidly with the presence of money but still, they have to communicate to get it. Through talking of course. Through talking, we use this important to study our prospective partners. What they like, think, hate, blah blah blah and also to get to know how their past life was especially or most importantly their love life. I would really like to know what my girl and her exes used to do, like and fight over for, so that I know what I need to do or avoid to be on top of the game and leave a lasting impression. I mean, who would not love hearing that your ex still praises you over something good you used to do? I would like to know where she worked, sports she does, movies she watches and music she fancies, dressing preferences and food she eats.

Some people however say that when you meet someone, their past doesn’t matter. That’s why you don’t even bother to dig up the dirt lest you get a mini heart attack. But let me tell you, a partner’s past really matters a lot the same way a nice ass matters on a chick. Well, to some extent though it is mainly her brains that matter. And the looks, duh! Whether you find out through one on one conversation with them or through another party, I best suggest that people need to find out about the people they are dating before taking things further.

Imagine if you catch wind that your partner was a serial killer, but because you do not like digging up the past, you just brush it off just like that. Until you wake up out of sleep one day only to find someone standing over you with a hammer in their hand. Then you might just as well watch your future family gets killed. If your partner has as many exes and beyond in short periods of time, you must then really need to study them carefully because something must definitely be wrong.

If they were prostitutes or have children from elsewhere. If they have clingy exes then you might find yourself caught in awkward lovers’ wars. Gosh! The reasons are endless so you really should take a look back at the kind of partner you are dating before you start narrating and writing books about a relationship from hell. Remember, Old habits die hard.


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